As a psychotherapist, I can help.

My approach to psychotherapy is grounded in deep compassion and skillful listening You will experience me as knowledgeable and professional; warm and engaging; caring and empathic. Above all, you will find me trustworthy and dedicated to serve you.

I provide individual and family therapy with a specialized focus on: Dr. Jil Leverone is a licensed psychotherapist treating symtoms triggered by trauma, physical, and sexual abuse.  Serving the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  • Short and long term effects and symptoms triggered by trauma, physical and sexual abuse, and domestic violence
  • Treatment of depression and anxiety
  • Adjustment to and acceptance of a wide range of disabilities
  • Parenting and family consultation
  • Spiritual exploration in the midst of the therapeutic process


I am also trained as an EMDR therapist.

What we do depends upon you, the client, and what you bring to therapy. We can engage in a shortterm problem solving process which may help you to see concrete improvement in a short amount of time. We can also engage in a more long term process that allows for in depth exploration of current experiences and chronic difficulties as we look for insight and resolution.

As we talk, I may suggest that we incorporate additional strategies into the therapeutic process. These could include EMDR techniques, mindfulness strategies, relaxation and imagery exercises, cognitive behavioral interventions, family of origin analysis, and goal setting.

I deeply respect the wisdom and goodness in each individual. Part of my job is to mirror that wisdom and goodness back to you. I also believe that you, the client, have the inner strength and answers for which you are searching.  My job also is to hold you in your search — painful as it may be — for those answers and insight to show themselves. I trust that I will be able to offer guidance as you move forward in your healing and recovery process.