Working with Individuals, Work Teams, and Agencies

Dr. Signe Nestingen offers consultation services for psychoeducational trainings, as well as work team, group or agency consultaion training throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.I provide a wide range of mental health consultation services to individuals, work teams and agencies. Consultation can helpful in many different situations for either specific, time limited, concerns or for broader more encompassing questions and concerns. I provide consultation in several different arenas for both individuals and groups.

Case consultation: Case Consultation provides opportunities for mental health practionars to explore psychotherapeutic and client concerns. Meetings can be with individuals or groups for a specified time or on an on gong basis.

I currently provide case consultation at the College of St. Catherine and Hamline University.

Psychoeducational consultation or trainings: When working as a consultant in this capacity I provide needed information to work teams or organizations. Trainings and psychoeducational consultations may involve individual team leaders, whole teams, or agencies. These consultations can happen in the context of a larger effort to identify problem areas and create change in a work team or organization. These trainings or presentations are designed to provide precise strategies or interventions about a specific client or work team concerns.

I have most recently provided trainings for the Hope Adoption Agency and the Children's Home Society.

Work team, group or agency consultation: In this type of consultation I work with work teams and/or agencies desiring change or are already in transition. As businesses shift and grow so the people in the business and organizational dynamics shift and grow. Working with agencies as change occurs often means that as a consultant I help identify the needs of the agency and help create the structure for change.

Seeking those specific, innovative solutions to what are often complicated and complex situations I work with the agency in an ongoing relationship through the change process.

I have most recently provided work site consultation for 3M.