About Signe Nestingen

Dr Signe Nestingen, PsyD, LP, MA, LMFT offers consulting,supervision and psychotherapy for clients throughout the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.I am warm and empathic. I am curious about the lives of my clients and work in a collaborative manner. I am welcoming and pragmatic. I have a wonderful sense of humor as well as a great capacity to understand human suffering.

It has been my experience that the work of psychotherapy begins with your decision to seek help. I think of therapy as a continuum of healing and learning.  As you describe the reasons for seeking therapy I will listen and probably ask some questions. Once we have an accurate understanding of your experiences we will set some goals and formulate a road map toward healing.

Why you might hire me...

I believe that everyone carries within them the seeds of their own healing so I work with people from a strength based perspective. The building blocks we will use during the course of therapy are your thoughts and feelings. I am interested in what works well in your life and why you think this might be so. Using a  client centered  approach, I use information and techniques from a number of psychological theories predominantly cognitive, behavioral, and psychodynamic.

Benefits of therapy that some people experience can include improved skills for dealing with difficult situations, increased knowledge of how to solve problems as they emerge and an increase in self awareness. All of this can lead to a richer life.  While therapy cannot make emotional pain or distress go away the process of coming to know yourself can provide road maps for moving through the life's rough spots.

If you are looking for help, and believe that talking with someone is a good first step, you can reach me at 6516902667.